Cireng Bumbu Rujak (fried tapioka flour with rujak sauce)

By Didy - 6/18/2021

Fried Tapioca Flour aka Cireng is delicious traditional food from Indonesia that easy and simple snack/appetizers with peanut sauce or rujak sauce. Have you ever want something warm food that easy, simple, and of course delicious in this cold weather? Let us introduce Indonesian food from tapioca flour. This food called Cireng.

Cireng stands for “Aci Goreng”. That means “Fried Tapioca Flour”. This food is one of traditional foods from West Java, Indonesia. It’s made from tapioca flour as the main ingredient. This food is famous in Western Java, especially in Bandung.

Lately people from Bandung has been innovating fried tapioca flour with a variety of flavors. They fill the fried tapioca flour with chicken, beef, sausages, meatballs, cheese, etc. But in this recipe we are not fill it with anything, just original cireng.

We like fried tapioca flour so much because the texture is so chewy and tasteful. We think fried tapioca flour is suitable for afternoon snack. Some people eat it for breakfast. Basically we can eat fried tapioca flour any time.

If you want make this recipe, the ingredients are so simple. You just need tapioca flour, water, garlic, salt, chicken seasoning, and green onion.

How to eat this recipe is to dip into the sauce. Sometimes people just dipping into chili sauce. But in this recipe we make rujak sauce for extra spice. I use palm sugar, chili, salt, and tamarind paste for the ingredients. We can taste sweet, sour and spicy from this rujak sauce.

Okay here's the recipe :)

- 5 tbsp tapioca starch flour (tapioka)
- 2 tbsp flour (terigu)
- 1 sdt salt (garam)
- 1 sdt mushroom broth (kaldu jamur)
- 300 ml water (air)
- some wild leek (bawang daun)
- 5 cloves of garlic (bawang putih)
- 200 gr tapioca starch flour for kneading (tapioka buat ngulen)
- 100 gr brown sugar (gula jawa)
- 7 chilli (cengek)
- 50 ml water (air optional sesuai kekentalan yang diinginkan)
- a pinch of salt (sejumput garam)
- 2 lime (jeruk limau boleh ganti jeruk nipis/lemon/cuka).

And cooking oil to fry :) (minyak secukupnya buat goreng).


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