Chocolate Babka Recipe

By Didy - 6/18/2021

Babka is a dense cake, although it looks a little like a bread. It's a sweet yeast dough filled with fudgy chocolate or cinnamon in layers and baked. It also sometimes has a streusel on top. You may recognize it as that beautiful piece of cake/bread on your Instagram with hundreds of swirls of chocolate.

There's also a Polish version of babka that's a sweet yeast cake with raisins or other dried fruits and citron soaked in brandy or rum. Unlike chocolate or cinnamon that is baked in loaf pan, Polish babka is made in a swirled bundt pan. It's typically made for easter, but can be enjoyed year-round.

Okay, here's the recipe :)

- 265gr high protein/bread flour (tepung high protein gue pake Cakra Kembar)
- 2tbsp granulated sugar (2 sdm gula pasir)
- 1tbsp instant yeast (1 sdm ragi instant, gue pake Mauripan)
- 1 whole egg (telur utuh)
- 110ml milk (susu)
- 1tsp salt (1 sdt garam)
- 3tbsp butter/margarine (3 sdm margarine, gue pake Palmia Royal)

I use Nutella (gue pake Nutella, boleh ganti terserah yang penting jangan terlalu cair karena susah pas diroll)

- 3tbsp granulated sugar (3 sdm gula pasir)
- 65ml hot water (air panas/direbus dengan gulanya)


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