How To Use Couchsurfing Like A Pro

By Didy - 7/28/2018

First of all, I've to say big thanks to this Legit App, yess COUCHSURFING !!. Because of this app I can cut off a lot of  my budget for hostel or hotel while I'm travelling. Well,The Couchsurfing community is growing a lot lately. More and more travellers decide to use Couchsurfing for their travelling journey.

Wait a second !!, before I share some tips about how to use Couchsurfing. First, I need to disclaim that I'm not a Pro Couchsurfer. But you know, I'm trying to be a hot Couchsurfer hahahaha. Basically, I use this app because of my friend's suggestion (Thank you Steve for your suggestion), I never know what Couchsurfing exactly  before and what the function for.

After I registerred to this app maybe a year ago, I didn't use this app for a long period because I really didn't know how to use it (how stupid I am) hahahaha. Then, I googled a lot about Couchsurfing because I'm so curious as my friend say that this app will be really helpfull for traveller especially for budget traveller like me.

I remember how scared I am at the first time using this app when I travelled to Malaysia. I got so many rejection from Couchsurfer host but I didn't give up at all, I was trying and trying untill someone approved my request hehehe.

When I travel, I often to use this app, but I also really like to host to another Couchsurfer at my place time to time. As you can imagine, every week, I receive dozens of Couchsurfing requests. Usually, you can already see at the first glance, which ones you want to host and which ones you won't. I guess that's what most Couchsurfing hosts agree on. In this post, you can learn how to get hosted much faster and be one of those requests that stand out from the beginning, in order to get a unique travel-experience and great insight into your destination from a local point of view.

Well, I forget to explain what Couchsurfing is. Maybe some of you don't know yet, calm down I'm gonna tell you;

What is Couchsurfing

Okay, I'm trying to explain as short as possible, so you will not be bored to read my blog wkwkwk. 

Couchsurfing is basically an hospitality platform like Airbnb but in Couchsurfing just free charge. Therefore, We can stay at another Couchsurfer's place free and spend time with them. Your sleeping place also depends on your Couchsurfer host (it can be a bed room, living room or a tent hahahah). 

Couchsurfing is available on website and app version, I personnaly reccomend you to use the app version because it is easier and more simple (user friendly) than the web version, just download it !!.

The main idea is to get a couch to sleep on, some hosts maybe offer you a bed, some a matress or even share their room. Get it ?

I think the important thing that you should know that the concept of Couchsurfing is not only to get a place to sleep for free but much more to have a local insight into your destination, getting to know the culture, the places where locals hang out and anything about your destination that you want to visit.  For me, this is a great way to travel.

I think you get it from my explanation now, don't you ?, then let's jump into my tips  about How to Use Couchsurfing Like a Pro, both for finding a host and to accept a guest at your place;

1. Create an intersting profile

Before you are ready to use this app, you need to make a gorgeous profile to attract another Couchsurfer. Hosts usually accept guests that seem to be interesting for any reason (based on my experience). That's why you should try to make your profile looks as interesting as possible (without making up anything and don't be exaggerate obviously).

Write down your hobbies and interests, talk about unique experiences that you had and mention all things that you can share with your hosts or your guests. Add your favorite movie or a book that you like. But please make your profile as honest as posiible and just be yourself, don't be fake !!.

The more information you give the more chances that the hosts or the guests find anything that you guys have in common. And also you should choose a picture that another Couchsurfer can see you clearly (avoid to use groupie picture). This is the first way to impress another couchsurfer from your profile picture before you meet up each other.  

Anyway, you can also upload some pictures with your friends or of you doing fun activities to your profile in order to show that you are a person to have fun with. And for women, I think you should rather not to show your picture too sexy as you don't want to attract people with wrong intentions.

2. Send honest and personal Couchsurfing request

Now you have made your perfect profile, next step, try to use this app, maybe you can offer your place to another couchsurfer or if you have a planning to travel around the world, it will be a perfect chance to use it now hehe.

Make a touching and honest request,  I should tell you that please don't copy and paste the same information into every request. Because I can guarantee you that the host has seen it already a hundred times or more. You want to be accepted, right ?. 

So, make it as honest as you can, just tell your destination that you want to visit, explain who you're in more detail and anything you can share in return. 

Writing an honest couchsurfing request not only shows that you're interested in the person themselves, it also shows that you took the time to read their profile too, which is most rejected requesters never do.

3. Tell them why they should host you

This is another important thing after you send an honest request to stay. If you want someone to host you for free, you should clearly give them some reasons to do so.

I know you are thinking that your profile says a lot about you, but trust me, it will be never wrong to give some personal reasons as well. Because as my experience when accepting my guest. I'm gonna read the couchsurfer profile who send me the request to stay. I will imagine they look like and trying to imagine their personality too.

Are they studying or learning a language that I'm interested in, so I can practice with them, do they like the same genre of music or book, so I can get more chilled in conversation with them.  The more you both have in the same things the higher will your chance to be accepted.

 4. Make more than one host

Make more than one host is important. Besides, you will not feel awkward because too much spending time with them, make more than one host also can give you a lot of chance to get more new friend.

Imagine this situation, you have accepted by one host and spent a whole travelling day as your itinerary and then you don't connect enough with the host. And maybe they think that you are not exactly how you seen on your own profile, then for example you have accepted for 5 days requested, you have now 5 days in someone else's home who you can't connect with, no matter how much you try because there's just no chemistry there. It's not you or they, it just is. So horrible !!.

So, it will be better if you divide your stay into some hosts, Deal ?

I suggest you to stay only two nights with one host, because sometimes people just don't connect and when they don't, I think normally not best to have to spend long stretches of time in order to person's space.

5. Make a lot of requests and approach them one by one

I bet you will get some rejection from the host, but please don't give up heheh. I know it's such a bit hurts that you get so many rejection at your first time using this app. But please never give up, the solution is just make another request after you get the rejection or you can also make some requests at once, keep trying untill you get the host who wants to accept your request.

Keep in touch with the host who accepted you before the time, just ask their number to say hi maybe once in a day before you go to their place. Noted !!, you should consider the difference time between yours and your host. 

6. Collect and leave a good reference 

I'm pretty sure that one of the biggest consideration that usually a host used to host a guest is a good reference, why ?, because when you have a lot of reference it means you are the reamarkable one when accepting guest or when you are as a guest.

Trust me, the more good reference you have the more people considering you as a person they want to meet up or have as their guest.

The easiest way to get references is to host people at your own place. If it's not possible you can also offer to show another travellers around your city or hange out with members for a coffee. One thing I should highlight  also, it will be better if you get  verified membership from Couchsurfing because it will make a trust to another traveller, you can get a verified membership by pay your own membership or by hosting traveller at your own place.

7. Got accepted ?, Great !!, but there are some rules that you need to follow 

Let's say you got accepted by a kind host, the next step is to make your relationship with your host keep connect and respectful each other. When staying with your host, make sure that the host is happy with you as their guest in order to get a good reference from them afterwards hehe.


Those references will help you in the next host to decide whether they should or should not host you.

Well, I have some rules to get a good relationship and good references for you hehehe, you may follow these rules to get more good references and friend as well;
  • Your host is not a hotel, don't expect too much like they will give a key in order to go out and come back as you want. Some hosts maybe don't like their guest stay while they go out for studying, working or their another activity. So, make sure you ask for this and leave or come ontime if they want to do so
  •  show the gratitude, in the return, maybe you can give them a little souvenir from your town/country. Maybe you can also cook for them if they don't mind you to use their kitchen set. Remember, here you get a free place to sleep. So, just show your gratitude 
  • Show respect, it's a must that you have to respect to your host or your guest. For example, you need to be quiet when you are walking around the house during the night, keep their privacy and always respectful each other
  • Ask before using anything, probably your host never mind if you use their private bathroom or kitchen in order to prepare a little snack, but you should always ask before you use anything to keep good relationship
  • Don't make something messy, always cleaning up the place and keep anything at their position, don't change or move anything except they allow you to do it
  • Try to have a chill chit chat with them, so that, they feel that you like their old friend not a stranger
  • Don't use their stuff except they allow you. I remember one story of my friend, He had a guest who stayed 3 nights with him, actually He is nice guy (He told me) but this guy used his shampoo and another toiletries without asking him first and also not switching off the light before leaving, and this is something annoying for my friend.
Actually I have never got an annoying couchsurfer both a guest or a host (I hope I won't hehehe).

Okay, I think I'm starting to sound like your dad whilst writting these tips, but all you need is to know that I just love you guys a lot hahaha, of course I want you to get the nice one either host or guest and you can make a friendhsip between you, your host and your guest.

Have you tried Couchsurfing ?, or do you have any other piece of advice to get easier host ?, Let me know on the comment below 👇.

Happy travelling 🍻🍻🍻

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  1. nah ini nih serunya kalo pergi-pergi ke luar negeri ngandelin couchsurfing ya mas, selain free jadi uangnya bisa buat yang lain juga karena bisa nambah temen dan pengalaman baru.
    banyak temen bule kan seru, melatih bahasa kita juga hihi
    atau mungkin jodoh kita juga itu salah satu di antara mereka. *apasihli *maafinyamas *sekian

    1. Iya seru banget Mbak hahhaha, menghemat budget banget sih. Apalagi kalau ketemu hostnya yang kece wkwkkw (bisa lah cari jodoh 😂😂😂)

  2. Aku udah beberapa tahun belakangan ini join couchsurfing dan aktif di cs community di kotaku. Awalnya sih tertarik karena ulasan tentang budget travelling, piknik dengan sangat ngirit adalah dengan memangkas biaya nginep dengan nginep di rumah orang lokal. Tapi ketika aku gabung dan kenal lebih lagi dengan CS, sebenarnya esensi CS bukan di bagian nginap gratis, tapi lebih ke interaksi antar manusianya. Menginap di rumah orang lokal bisa jadi salah satu bagian terbaik dari travelling karena kita tidak menjadi turis tapi jadi traveller yang belajar tentang budaya lokal daerah yang kita datangi. Karena cs disamakan dengan air bnb tapi gratis, beberapa orang menyalahgunakan cs, cuma mau nginep gratis doang. Di beberapa negara agenda nginep gratis ini udah nggak ada. Acara cs lebih ke gathering, atau nongkrong bareng, jalan bareng. Ini juga bagian dari interaksi dengan warga lokal. Please, jangan samain CS community dengan nginep gratis yaaa.

    1. Iya Mbak Din setuujuuuh banget, Saya pribadi lebih tertarik Karena bisa dapet temen dari negara2 lain seling membantu ya.

  3. I relied on Couchsurfing when I went to Bangkok, Siem Reap, and Ho Chi Minh City in 2015. I had the trip with a travel mate, and thankfully he didn't mind at all staying with locals. Some of the hosts have been keeping in touch with me for years, thanks to Facebook and Instagram.

    Tipsnya kurang lebih sama seperti tipsku yang pernah kubagi beberapa tahun lalu, haha. Mendapat penolakan dari host Asia Tenggara itu wajar, karena mereka pada bule hunters.

    1. Nice Share Mas, I had the same experience wkkwkwk. But luckily the rejection made me stronger !! Hahahhaha

  4. Mantap masdid, lengkap amat bahasan tentang CS nya. Gue pribadi baru tau kalo ternyata gratis. Tapi kayak yang Masdid bilang, mendingan kasih oleh-oleh yah buat nambah relasi juga. Asli kayaknya seru pake app CS itu, gue belum pernah sama skali soalnya dan itu pastinya nambah pengalaman unik nginep di rumah yang totally stranger,bisa dapet temen baru.

    1. Kalau belum pernah cobai lah Mas, pasti ketagihan. Member CS semuanya ramah2 bahkan kadang rela jemput Kita buat sampe rumah Mereka heheh.

  5. Menginspirasi 👍.
    Aku sejak lama tau info CS ini dan sering berlama-lama kubaca ulang pengalaman gabung CS, sambil bayangin ikut gabung didalamnya ...
    Tapi sampai sekarang belum terealisasikan.
    Masalahnya aku tinggal di kota kecil, apa memungkinkan untuk gabung 🤔

    1. Gabung aja Mas Gratis ini hehhe, tinggal dimanapun bisa aja hahhaha. Saya juga tinggal Di Serang yang bukan kota besar tapi tiap minggu selalu ada aja Couchsurfer yg nge-host Di rumah hehhe, lumayan potential buat mempromosikan tempat wisata lokal Mas. Atau kalaupun Gak nge-host kan bisa juga dipake Pas Kita jalan2, lumayan bisa cut budget hotel kan hehhe sekalian bisa punya kenalan dan teman baru.