This is not Maldives but KARIMUNJAWA

By Didy - 5/06/2018

Have You ever imagined of an amazing vacation to Maldives ?

Oh come on dear, what the hell of question is that !!. Of course, every one does, including me haha. Just hear "Maldives", I'm sure your brain will lead to a perfect beach, blue sea water that glistens like a crystal and of course the unique bungalows that perfectly in a row along the beach. I think, it would be an amazing journey, if We can travel and stay some days or even a month in Maldives, but unfortunately, It takes a quite a lot of money to get there.

While You're gonna save your money for preparing a perfect vacation to Maldives, I have a suggestion to visit one beautiful island in Indonesia that its beautiful is as amazing as Maldives, I'm sure when You post to Instagram your picture in Karimunjawa, people will think that You're on a vacation in Maldives.

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I know that the beauty of Indonesia has been spreaded already to the world, We have a lot of destination place such as mountains, waterfalls, forests, river and beaches. I think a year will not be enough to travel all of them. One of beautiful destination place in Indonesia that I wanna share You in this post is Karimunjawa.

Karimunjawa is the area which consists of 27 islands, but only about five islands that can be inhabited and occupied, by reason of accoupied people and clean, resources are sufficient to meet a local people and also the security factor. Because of its islands, of course they make up the beauty of the view this place, no matter sunrise or sunset. This island is established as one of the national park in 2001 by the government, Karimunjawa is part of one of the districts in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia and far enough from the city is about 83 kilometres in the northern city of Jepara.

Do You know the meaning of "Karimunjawa" ?

Karimun was taken from Kremun (Javanese), it means blurry or unclear. Because when the first time this island was discovered, the island looks blurry that's why the local named this island as Karimunjawa, and in a few years ago, this island doesn't have a steady electricity supply 24 hours like now.

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About a year ago I visited this Island, actually I have no intention to travel to this island though. I remembered at the time, my friend from Komunitas Inspirasi Jelajah Pulau (KIJP) invited me to join a survey in Karimunjawa because We would hold KIJP chapter Karimunjawa. That's why the captain of this organization pointed some of the member to survey about the island condition. Of course, I'm happy to get this opportunity heheh.

I went to Karimunjawa from Jakarta by the train to Semarang with my friend, It was super excited. I felt, I really wanted to arrive soon because I have had googling before that Karimunjawa is really awesome, even in the fact this travel is for a survey but that's fine, It's like kill two bird by one stone hahaha.

Anyway, We went to Karimunjawa from Semarang started in the night then headed to the harbour to have a ship that will bring us to Karimunjawa, OMG !!, I felt that I wanted to throw out (*sorry) because the waves are really big and made our ship been annoying. It almost 3 hours in the ship because We choosed an express one and it would be different if we choose the fery even the fare is really cheap.

Maldives !!, I screamed hahaha. Yes, I did, because I felt that the island is really amazing. I saw the crystal clear water and warm ambience of the local. There are a lot of activity to do here such as beacing, island hopping, diving, swimming with the shark, tracking to the mangrove forest and many more. I'm sure that You will lack of idea what to do in Karimunjawa hehehe, and You will not be bored or even want to live as long as You can.

We visited Dermaga Mrican, Ujung Batu Lawang Beach, Bako Lilo, Batu Putih Beach, Batu Topeng Beach, tracking to Karimunjawa Mangrove Forest, visiting Bugis Village, visiting Love Hill and many more I forget all the name of them because so many places that I have visited. I feel, I don't wanna go back to Jakarta and stay any longer here hahaha.

How to get there and tips

If you have a planning to visit Karimunjawa, You can choose between use airplane or ship:

By the sea
There are 3 options if You are planning to use ship or ferry;

1. You can get Karimunjawa from Semarang, there is KMC Kartini from Semarang to Karimunjawa, It will take 4 hours in Thursday and Wednesday

2. You can get Karimunjawa from Jepara, there is Express Bahari 2C and Express Bahari Cantika 89, It will take 2 hours in Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday or You can also choose KMP Siginjai with the local, It will take 5 hours but You need to pay attention about the schedule because the ship will sail at 5 AM

3. You can get Karimunjawa from Kendal, there is Express Bahari 2C, It will take 3,5-4 hours in Tuesday and Friday.

*For the express fare there are 3 classes that is Business class Rp. 150,000 , Excecutive class Rp. 175,000 and VIP class Rp. 200,000 and for KMP Siginjai (ferry) is Rp. 72,000.

By the sky
You can also choose an airplane from Semarang or Surabaya to Dewandaru Airport in Kemujan (nearby Karimunjawa) the air fare is about Rp. 300 - 500,000.

If You're a budget traveller it will be cheaper to choose KMP Siginjai (if You have enough time) and for the accomodation while you are in Karimunjawa You can rent a motorbike is Rp. 50,000 per day without gasoline. If you want to have island hopping You need to rent a fisherman boat is about Rp. 350,000 will be okay for 6 people as capacity. For the homestay, You don't need to be worry because in Karimunjawa there are a lot budget homestay start from Rp. 85,000 per night or if You want to be more save, You can build a tent. For the food, just prepare your empty tummy because in Karimunjawa there are a lot of tastiest food and of course seafood that will not make You be broke.

Wish you will get unforgettable vacation in Karimunjawa.

Happy travelling 😉😉😉

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