The Impression of Indonesia from Ukrainian

By Didy - 5/17/2018

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Hi Reader,
How's your fasting ?, I hope you enjoy it, less anger more kindness is better ☺️

In this first day of Ramadhan, actually I really want to post something more religious but I don't know what should I post, I'm thinking of various food (takjil) to break fasting but I'm afraid that you read it in the afternoon hahaha.

Two days ago there was someone who sent me an email, how excited I'm at that time. Because, I got an inbox from a new name (I was hoping it was a job review from a brands or an endorsement hahahha). In the fact, it's not. This email is from my blog reader (I'm not gonna mention your name hehehe 👌), She said that She always reads my blog when I post something new. She told me that She really wants to learn English through the native and also She really wants to read some post about Indonesia but in the eyes of foreigner or "Bule".

"Can you please ask your Bule friend to write something in English about Indonesia or maybe their first impression ?, She asked me. Then I just simply answered her email; yess, I can.
Anyway, Thanks for your idea, now I can post and make a new rubric in my blog.

Okay, without any further do, let's read thoroughly ☺️☺️

Hi, my name is Ruth and I’m from Ukraine, Eastern Europe. In 2016 I decided to come to Indonesia for studying. It is more than 10 000 km away from my home, second foreign country in my life, a lot of “why’s” from my relatives and friends, first travel by plane… sounds a little bit scary, isn’t it? On the other side, I got a huge desire to make a step forward to something new and unexplored yet. So, after almost 2 years here, Indonesia still impresses me and doesn’t let me go.

A lot of people asked me about my first impression about Indonesia. I think I have a mix of three impressions at once: hot weather, smiling people and too many motorcycles! Later I was surprised by a variety of foods here. Actually, it would take really much time to tell what I like the most, but maybe nasi padang is still my number 1. As a food lover, I already got used to eat in warungs, order food with sambal and enjoy the taste of durian.

  • (Source : I screenshot from her Instagram, because she 'private' her IG so I can't put HTML directly hehe)

I think, that Indonesian people are making the strongest impression about the country. They are really polite, friendly and always ready to help. Also, I think many countries in the world have to learn tolerance from Indonesia. Because that is really awesome how so many different people can get along in piece and mutual supporting here.

Thanks to my study program, I was able to get closer to Indonesian culture as well! I learned how to play traditional instruments, dance Sundanese dance, sing national songs, wear traditional clothes – batik and kebaya and, of course, I was able to travel to the most beautiful places in Java! The thing I understood is that Indonesians are good keepers of their culture and always happy to share it with foreigners.

So many things shocked me and changed me in Indonesia. And still, I continue to explore and fall in love with this country every day.

Ruuuuth !!, Bunch of thanks for your swift response, I just texted you in WhatsApp this afternoon to write your impression about Indonesia and about 3 or 4 hours later you sent this amazing story hehehe. I wish, there will be a lot of my friend or Indonesian read this post. But, be ready that you will get a lot follower (eits, you won't heheh, because I don't put your social media here) 🙊🙊🙊.

(Source: from her Instagram)

FYI guys, now Ruth is finishing her Indonesian language course in Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) Bandung.

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  1. Regards for Ruth.
    Happy studying in Indonesia .

    Regards also for you Didy.

    1. Hahahha thank you Mas, I'm gonna tell her :). Then wait, I'll comment again if She say hi back hehehe. Anyway, Makasih sudah berkunjung padahal baru post dan belum dirapihin malahan. Ini abis taraweh wkwkwk 😹😹😹

  2. Do'i Say Hi balik loh Mas, barusan tak WA makasih katanya udah baca story nya Dia 😁

    1. Waah thanks ya udah disalamin ke Ruth ... ☺
      Semoga kelak Ruth kembali ke Indonesia untuk bekerja disini.

      Kemarin kukomentari (sebelum dirapihin) udah bagus kok artikelnya.
      Aku menyimaknya dengan senang ngikutin alur cerita kisah Ruth from Ukraina.

      Semoga persahabatan kalian langgeng ya.

    2. Forget it Mas :)..
      Iya udah bagus lah itu bukan Saya yang nulis hehehhe.
      Saya cuman tulis intro sama penutupnya doang wkwkwk. Thanks a lot for your wishes 😁😁😁