Seba Baduy 2018, I'm Excited and Banten Exciting

By Didy - 4/22/2018

Yesterday, Saturday, April 21st 2018, I saw the steps of their bare feet, thousands of Baduy Tribe flocked on foot brought  their harvest such as paddy, banana, sweet potatoes and many more about 115 kilometres from their village towards Banten Governor hall in Serang City, Banten.

According to the indigenous leader of The Baduy Tribe, Seba Baduy is to strengthen the unity and to show a thanksgiving over the abundance of their harvest. Baduy Tribe is also really love The Union of The Republic of Indonesia (NKRI). Then, visit Governor once a year is one of mandatory for them to set up good relationship with the head of the local area.

Then why do They willingly walk hundreds of kilometres for this event ?

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As it turns out, after I asked one of them yesterday, Seba Baduy is done as culmination of their previous sacred ceremony i.e kawalu and ngalaksa. Baduy Tribe thinks as a good citizen there should be a obedience to higher government as institution. In addition to the customary rules which is They hold firmly during this time.

Some people might guess that Seba Baduy is a tradition of granting "taxes or upeti (in local language) compulsory of them to local governments. But in the fact, is not. They don't know the term of taxes or upeti but Seba Baduy is a culmination of celebrations as sacred offerings laksa and other harvest like I've mentioned above.

Seba Baduy is held routinely once a year between 1-10 Sapar (Hijri calendar) eventhough their leaders has changed. Untill now, Seba Baduy held once a year usually They do long march go do down the mountain and their village to give their harvest to the regent of Lebak, Pandeglang, Serang and Governor of Banten Province. Seba Baduy also facilitates their aspirations to tell directly to the government.

I hope the government keeps everlasting the culture event like this because It can make visitors realize how rich our culture and also to bring an insight to the young generation. In other hand, We can also support local product because in this event also there is traditional music concert such as Jaipongan, Ludruk and Gamelan and handcraft exhibition. 

I'm excited to the next Seba Baduy !!

How about You ?, You should visit next Seba Baduy in Serang Town Square, Banten, next year.

Be ready for the next Seba Baduy 2019

Happy travelling 😃😃😃

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