What to Do in Sawarna, Weekend Getaway

By Didy - 4/05/2018

Sawarna is a lovely name for a beautiful village in Lebak District, South Banten. I dunno how many times that I've visited this beautiful place, but untill now I'm still in love with this place. Last week, I just choosed randomly what I've to visit and what I've to do in long weekend, then, there was a magical whisper that suddenly came inside my mind and I couldn't refuse it hehe.

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Sawarna is one of the most beautiful place in Banten, its home to a lot of beautiful beaches, amazing cave, tasty seafood and endless green fields that I'm sure you wanna run through.

Anyway, Do you know, Where did "Sawarna" from ?

Okay, I'm gonna tell you, the name Sawarna comes from the word "Sawarna" it was taken from the name of the first village chief in the village. And another reason why "Sawarna" was choosen is because his name was fairly reflects the society in the village, in Sundanese Swarna or Sawarna means one colour, one colour here refers to the tribe, yaps !!, Only one tribe here Sundanese tribe.

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I love this place so much, there're many reason for me to fall in love with this place. Here, I can recharge my mind after having tired of working, see the beautiful sea can take a doctor away (hahaha). In addition, here you can do a lot of interesting things. If you don't know what to do in Sawarna, don't worry !!, I'm gonna share what I did in Sawarna Last Week. I'm sure 100% you're gonna love it.

What to do in Sawarna


There're a lot of beautiful beaches here, the famous one is Tanjung Layar Beach. If You're looking for perfect shot of your Instagram feed, I think this place is completely perfect. You can take a gorgeous photo shoot here with two big rocks as the background like a perfect sail. And You can also see nature made aquarium here, imagine, that You will have an amazing experience of watching various kind of colourful fish inside the nature made aquarium.

Nature Made Aquarium in Tanjung Layar Beach

Lays beneath the conservation forest is a long private beach called Ciantir Beach. You can lay yourself at this pearly white sandy beach without anyone bothering You. Enjoy the peaceful beach at Legon Pari Beach, but wait !!, You need an extra effort to get this beach, because you need to hike a hill and go down the valley but don't worry as your walking You will enjoy an amazing view.

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Continue your beaching journey to Pulau Manuk Beach, Karang Bokor Beach, Karang Taraje Beach and Pasir Putih Beach. At the end You will realize that You have found hidden paradise that you're looking for hehehe.


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There are some caves in Sawarna such as Goa Lalay, Goa Harta Karun, Goa Langir and Goa Lauk. These cave can be explored both by an amateur (like me) or by professional caver. Feel the smooth mud in the cave ground that will care your feet, hear the nature river sound and water drops from the stalactites and stalagmites and if You're lucky enough You will see a lot of bat inside the cave and also You maybe intercepted by wild boar (I found it hehehe).

Wild boar that has been hunted by the Local


Enjoy your sunny day with your surfing board. It's absolutely perfect when you do surving here. You can do surfing in high Hindia Ocean Wave. Ciantir or Legon Park beach has the best spot to improve your wave riding. Finally, You will do surfing in a beautiful beach with beautiful wave and of course like your private beach.

Surfing in Legon Pari Beach


Sundanese Culinary

Because as far as you see here is beaches, Sawarna is a home for seafood. I'm extremely agree that seafood here is so good and I think Sawarna is a place to fill your tummy with a wealth seafood. You can also try Sundanese culinary. From scrumptious chili crabs to barbequed fish, steamy prawns and all kind of seafood all freshly caught at sea. I forget, You can also try your luck to get cheap fresh lobster.

Hiking at paddy fields

Sawarna is not only famous by its beaches but here you can find a green landscape everywhere. If you love hiking at the green paddy field, Sawarna also offer you an exciting journey.

Having lunch with traditional farmer in the middle green paddy field is the best way to act like a local. Catching sunrises between paddy leafs will give you a positive vibes in the morning. Experiencing traditional soil preparation activity with the farmer using "Garu" which is being dragged by buffalo is an amazing activity or You can also try to plant your own paddy, just become one day as a local farmer.

Paddy Field in Sawarna

How to get Sawarna

In this post I'm gonna share you how to get Sawarna by public transportation like my experience last week. Okay, I'm gonna try to explain the easiest way to get there. If you start from Jakarta or another city, first, you need to take a bus to Terminal Pakupatan Serang. Here You can choose an Elf (mini bus) that heads to Malingping and the fare is 50K Rupiah then after You arrived to Malingping You should take another Elf (mini bus) to Terminal Bayah and for the fare is 20K Rupiah. Next, You need to take an Ojek to Sawarna the fare is 20K - 40K it depends how good your bargaining.

Another way to get Sawarna, You can also choose Damri bus. Actually there are two options which is Damri from Serang to Cikotok and from Serang to Sawarna directly. In this case, I suggest You to choose Damri bus that heads to Sawarna directly because it's simple and will drop You in front of Sawarna Bridge. For the fare, don't worry only 50K but You need to pay attention that Damri bus only operates in 06.30 and 12.00 AM.

It would be better if You have arrived already in Terminal Pakupatan Serang before that times. Actually, there are another route to get Sawarna such as via Tangerang Cimone, via Pelabuhan Ratu or via Sukabumi.

Tips and Tricks

If you're a budget traveller, I suggest You to choose Damri bus because it's cheaper and easier than another transportation. And if You have been there, to move from one place to another place, it would be better You walk or just try your hitchhiking skill to stop the truck or another vehicle that You find in your way. Because if You wanna hire a motorbike is quite expensive around 150K - 200K per day without gasoline.

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If You have a planning to sleep over in Sawarna, I suggest you to sleep in the warung (shop) over Tanjung Layar Beach because it's cheap only 10K or even free like me heheh. But if you think that villa is perfect, You can stay there but You need to spend 500K - 1 Million per villa per night. I think enough for my tips, just pack your stuff and go. Because Sawarna is waiting for You.

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  1. Waduuh cakepnya tuh pantai Sawarna ... ,udah giti guanya diberi lampu warna biru tajam, sawahnya juga kece.

    Nice trip, mas Didy 👍

    1. Iya Bagus banget pantai, sawah, Goa2 nya juga keren. Makasih Mas :)

  2. Maaf, ada salah ketik.
    Harusnya tertulis 'gitu' ... eh jqri kok keseleo nulisnya jadi 'giti'

    Wkkkkwwwk ... 😂

  3. Sawahnya ijo sekali, adem liatnya.

    Itu babi yang mati?

    1. Iya enak banget adem segerrr. Iya diburu warga Babi hutan

  4. Mw ke sana blm kesampaian jg, krn akses ny dgr2 sulit ya, klo jalan mlm kt ny banyak begal jg, begal iseng, qt ny pas apes ya amsyong.
    Jalan ny msh rusak kah?

    1. Akses sih sekarang cukup gampang kok broh, jalannya udah Bagus terus penginapan juga banyak Dan murah. Alhamdulillah sih sekarang Aman walopun agak hutan hahha. Gue jalan2 sendiri ampe malem ya Alhamdulillah Aman Aja, Cuman agak repot sih pindah Dari satu destinasi ke yg lain, Karena Gak ada angkutan umum paling banter Ojek 150k/Hari atau mau gratis ya jalan kaki atau nebeng truck/engkel heheh lumayan jauh2 soalnya heheh..

    2. Jadi di sana banyak spot yang jaraknya sepertinya lumayan, sampe itu ad ojek 150K per hari.

      Kalau traveler ny cwe, bs2 cinlok dg 150 hahaha
      Sayabg gk da ojek cwe, jd yg jomblo bs cri hiburan di sana dg 150 bs kenalan hahahaha #imajinasi

    3. Cinloknya Sama mbak2 warung aja gan wkwkwkkw

  5. Jelajah gua kayaknya boleh juga jadi ide wisata ya, thanks informasinya ^^

    1. Hayo Bro, Sawarna menanti hehhe. You're most welcome :)