A Subtle Art to Overcome Bored , Feeling Overwhelmed and Complaining Called GRATITUDE

By Didy - 3/25/2018

You might be think that I'm trying to motivate you since you read the title. Actually, It's not. This week I find my self getting into feeling so much overwhelmed. That's sucks, but You know It must be, because life without trouble is flat.

As many give thanks for what's in my lives this week, I might look at how to go deeper with gratitude. Yeah, I'm trying to be more gratitude as much as I can. I suddenly just realize that I need it. So much complaining, boredom, and feeling overwhelmed make me stressed out.

"Gratitude" seems like a trite and even perhaps boring to be discussed, because that's easy to say but hard to be applied. But, I'm sure that the best way to enjoy our lives "Gratitude" is the key. And yet, there are ways that we aren't cultivating gratitude and our lives could be much easier even richer if We did use gratitude in deeper ways.

Let's take a deep breath

I was talking to a friend recently about how he doesn't like his live, he doesn't like his job and he doesn't like his co-workers in the office and fed up with these. Because it feels boring, He realizes this probably isn't good for him, as He often feels the need to move and He'd like to be more present and slow down at times, We were immersed in the cringe chat. But at that time I tried to listen what He is bored and complaining.

Suddenly I said, Gratitude. Why don't you try to be more gratitude ?, If you can't just think that you're living your sucks life (in your opinion) is the life that another one wants to live. You have a job but they don't . I know you don't like with your job but you're not tree, why don't you move ?. And we finish the chat.

I dunno why I'm wiser at that time, maybe it's because I feel the same. Let's think about a situation, you turn off your smartphone, get away from the computer, and go sit outside with no book, no device, no one to talk and nothing to do.

Yes just sit there

How useful is that ?, How interesting ?. You might answer "not at all" and it might seem boring. If I'm sitting alone with nothing to do, I might have the urge to get up and do something or reach my smartphone. But what if, instead I could pay attention to how my body feels, my breath and the light all around me.

Aha, the closer I pay attention the more I might realize what a gift this is. Gratitude trumps complaining, bored even feeling overwhelmed if we let it. By being grateful for everything in our live, It means you appreciate and love your life.

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