Unique Indonesian Tribe Called “SUKU TENGGER”

By Didy - 11/27/2017

Suku Bromo Tengger
For Indonesian I think that Bromo Mountain is one of iconic destination place in east java. This active volcano above 2,400 DASL surrounded by desert about 5.5 thousand hectares. Here you can find such an amazing sunrise that makes Bromo Mountain as a gorgeous place for traveller. To get the Top of Bromo we have to go up the stair and see the nice active volcano little bit closer.

The name of Bromo Mountain is actually taken from Brahma which is the name of God in Hinduism. The located of Bromo is in Taman Nasional Bromo Tengger Semeru East Java. Talk about beautiful of Bromo is not complete without know about Tengger Tribe. Tengger Tengger is original tribe who live around this mountain. Different with most people who live in East Java Province, Tengger Tribe has believe, language, and unique culture. The tradition of Tengger Tribe is really close to Bromo Mountain. I can say, between Tengger Tribe and Bromo has a magic bonding that couldn’t separate each other.

There are some opinions about definition of TENGGER its self. Firstly, Tengger means mountain troops as Bromo, Arjuno, Semeru etc which is they live there. Secondly, Tengger comes from Tengering Budi Luhur means supreme of attitude, that describe of attitude of Tengger Tribe its self. Lastly, Tengger taken from combination between Roro Anteng and Joko Seger which is the ancestor of Tengger Tribe its self.

Suku Bromo Tengger
In book Hindu Javenese : Tengger Tribe Tradition and Islam, by Robert W. Henifer explained that people from Tengger Tribe is refugee from Majapahit Kingdom. In 16 century, Majapahit Kingdom started to be weakness from Islamic Kingdom invasion that leaded by Raden Patah at that time. To save their self from the invasion, they moved to this area and some of them went to Bali. Isolate their self from outside.

In Tengger Tribe its self there is a legend about history of their ancestor which is Roro Anteng is a princess from Majapahit Kingdom and Joko Seger which is a son of Brahmana. Then they both got married and they also refuge to Tengger Mountain as well, they leaded the refugee and raised their children.

The social condition of this tribe as I said before, because of the ancestor of them where they refuge and isolate their self to Tengger Mountain Troop. They are not touched from outside culture along couple years ago and it impacted to social condition of them. Different with another Javanese who dominated with moslem, Tengger Tribe still keep in their believe from their ancestor which is Siwa-Budha then developed to Hinduism as their believe now. And also about their language also different, they have different dialect from another Javanese even Bahasa Indonesia. They use Kawi where there are some words taken from Old Javanese that Javanese speaker don’t use it anymore, sometimes this is can be trouble to communicate with them.

Tengger Tribe also has different calendar system beside Masehi system. They use Saka System, adopted from Hinduism calendar system, so that’s way quite similar to traditional calendar system of Old Traditional Javenese even Balinese. There are twelve months in a year, that is Kasa, Karo, Katiga, Kapat, Kalima, Kanem, Kapitu, Kawolu, Kasanga, Kasadasa, Dhesta and Kasadha. There are thirty days in a month and this system also to decide their holy ceremonial day. One of popular holy ceremonial days of Tengger Tribe is Upacara Yadnya Kasada.

Yadnya Kasada is one of holy ceremonial day of Tengger Tribe usually this day is in every 14 Kasadha. Tengger Tribe will have prayer to their God and give some Sesajen as well. Such as fruit, vegetable and farming animal to their God into Bromo Mountain to get a blessing and peaceful life and also to commemorate their ancestor. Now this ceremonial become popular and one of interesting event for traveller and contribute to huge number of traveller to visit Bromo.

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