Heaven Is A Place Nearby Ranu Kumbolo

By Didy - 11/18/2017

Might be 5CM’s movie has been taking a huge impact of well-known of this place lately, or even maybe the power of social media in this era. So everyone will curious more when they see a lot of photos of Ranu Kumbolo in Instagram or even Facebook, but there is something different when you want to see this beautiful place, you need to hike to find Ranu Kumbolo. Hiking in a couple years ago was considered as something dangerous and need a skill but recently everyone would like to hike a mountain, especially Gunung Semeru because of want to prove the beautiful of this place literally.

Ranu Kumbolo is a freshwater lake that usually has been as transit place for Gunung Semeru hiker. The located of Ranu Kumbolo is in 2400 MASL in Taman Nasional Bromo Tengger Semeru, between Malang and Lumajang District, East Java.

Camp in Ranu Kumbolo
To be honest, travelling to Ranu Kumbolo is not an easy journey or even maybe I can say quite hard because we need an healthy physic and supply enough food and stuff. So if you have decided to visit this place you need to prepare at least an exercise during a week before hike and don’t forget to bring a mountain jacket and some warm clothes because the temperature will be extreme in the night.

If you’re planning to get Ranu Kumbolo you can choose airplane from Soekarno Hatta Airport Jakarta to Abdurrahman Saleh Airport Malang. But if you have enough time, train is perfect. After you get Malang City you should find an angkot to Tumpang Village then head to Ranu Pani by Jeep which is rent by local.

To get Ranu Kumbolo we need to buy a ticket Rp. 10,000 per people and Rp. 20,000 to build a tent (in 2016) and we can choose two different way to get Ranu Kumbolo, which we can choose Watu Rejeng or from Bukit Ayek-Ayek, Watu Rajeng path will be easier than Bukit Ayek-Ayek but also longer than Bukit Ayek-Ayek. From registered post in Ranu Pani we will walk as far five until seven kilometers through the slope of hills. Here we can find Eidelweis flower everywhere, so beautiful.

Then you will arrive to Watu Rejeng, a spot with rocky way but beautiful, you can find hills complete with pine and fir trees. And if you’re lucky enough at that day you can absolutely see puff of fog from top of Gunung Semeru. This journey will take five until seven hours entire the journey, there are four posts to take a rest if you are tired.

After you arrived to Ranu Kumbolo, you can build a tent and get together with another hikers as well. You can see many stars in the clear sky in the night if there is no rain. Then wrap your head to get ready to see gorgeous sunrise from Ranu Kumbolo behind two green hills complete with clear water from the lake that you can not find only in Ranu Kumbolo.

Sunrise Ranu Kumbolo
Things you need to know about Ranu Kumbolo is the water from this lake is amazingly clean and clear so you can drink directly from the lake but you can not swim or even clean your face or things directly from the lake because there is regulation about this and when the night comes the temperature can reach minus five celcius degree, so be prepare with your warm clothes. And don’t forget to bring trash big to keep the location clean.

For everyone who loves beautiful nature combine with little bit journey, I think that Ranu Kumbolo is absolutely perfect !!, So, without any further do. Take your backpack and go to Ranu Kumbolo. Happy Travelling, Cheers !!.

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