6 Tips to Become a MORNING PERSON

By Didy - 11/27/2017

I’m pretty sure that I’m not a morning person at all but I try to be. For sure like, I should force myself to wake up in the early morning because I should prepare myself to have prayer and of course for preparing what I have to do in the day and in this case for me it’s quite hard. Well, based on my experience I have some tips that maybe can help you to become a morning person.

Here are some tips that actually I apply everyday

1. Set a fun alarm tone and please keep the alarm away from you
It definitely will help you to wake up in the morning, because when you hear the fun music that you like it a lot. It will help your body to be responsive for example I always set my alarm with the fun and energetic music every day because it will ask my body to wake up easier even dancing hahahha. Trust me, if you set your alarm with the music that you like it a lot. It will be helpful than boring alarm tone. If you like Justin Bieber for example just set your alarm into it or even you like K-Pop music just set up into it as well and dancing when the alarm start to be ringing. But please also keep away the device from you because I’m pretty sure when the device nearby your body, you’re probably going to turn the alarm off at the first ring heheh.

2. Drink a glass of cold water
To get ready of your body system I think that a glass of cold water will surprise you, and make your eyes open and it will refresh your body from the weakness after sleeping so that the laziness will not catch you any longer. For me personally, drink a glass of a cold water is like electrify myself and boost my body so I will not go back to the bed again even the bed really attempting me and also drink a glass of water help me to avoid dehydration after sleeping as well.

3. Find the fresh air
Actually I want to recommend you to do a little bit exercise but first I think we need a fresh air. So, just open the curtain and fine the fresh morning air and after that start to do a little exercise like stretching or even dancing might be is absolutely perfect. It will help to stretch your muscles after sleeping.

4. Breakfast
Another essential thing that I always do is having yummy breakfast. Breakfast is absolutely important thing to do to get ready for facing a new day. Take a glass of coffee or tea and feel the aroma, it will make your day so cheerful and happier or even you can take a loaf of bread or a plate of fried rice or a plate of omelet but please don’t make it too much breakfast because it will make you feel sleepy again after you eat a lot.

5. Don’t play your gadget before you sleep
Why we should not play our gadget because trust me when the gadget still in your hand, it will be hard to you to be easy to sleep. Because gadget will avoid you from the sleepy, like you will check all of your social media such Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or even any social media that you have at the end you will realize that the clock shows you that the time was so late. And I’m sure the late you sleep the late you will wake up. Just keep away from your mobile phone and turn your laptop off, just grab the nice book and read it relax and soon you will sleep and you will wake up in the early morning.

6. Start a to do list
While you are enjoying your breakfast grab a note and a pen, write a to do list plan everything that you’re going to do or even you should do at the day. Of course this will help you to plan out your day and prepare your brain to get ready for the real activity of you. Write in the detail what you should do in the day and make it like an attractive note so you will remember what you have written already in the morning and your day will be scheduled.

Well, these are actually some tips that I usually do in the morning before I have an activity and believe it or not, it helps me to become a morning person or at least I never late to do my daily job. And I hope these tips also will help you to become a morning person as well. Because the advantages of a morning person is that you will get ready to do everything that you should do every day and of course it will not waste your time.

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